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Aluminium hull for 46m SAR vessel

Aluship Technology is leading supplier of aluminium constructions for shipbuilding. We are experienced in production of constructions for passanger vessels, ferries, ro-pax and naval ships. We are able to produce most sophisticated aluminium, alu-steel and steel-only structures in very hight quality.

In August 2002 we have finished our work and successfully delivered an aluminium hull of 46m Search and Rescue Vessel for German Sea Rescue Society DGzRS (

Aluship Technology provided full range of engineering services for this over 115 tons of extraordinary aluminium product.

Scope of activities:

  • complete classification process with GL and approval of drawings
  • Al calculation
  • consulting our client for special equipment and devices for aluminium superstructures
  • CAD/CAM,
  • workshop drawings,
  • lofting, nesting,
  • plasma cutting documents
  • plasma cutting
  • complete assembling, mounting and welding of aluminium hull construction
  • outfitting of the hull with engine foundations, hatches, doors, tanks and other elements