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Aluship Technology Sp. z o.o.
ul. Doki 1
80-958 Gdansk

Contact, inquiries & references

Tel: +48 58 506 6868
Fax: +48 58 506 6869

Aluship Technology Sp. z o.o. is a limited company registered in Regional Court Gdansk-Polnoc in Poland.

KRS (reg no): 0000096454.
REGON: 191956693.
NIP (Vat reg): PL5832644779
RDO: 000161530

Share capital: 4’377’000 PLN


Aluship Technology premises are located in industrial, shipbuilding orientated district of Gdansk, in northern Poland.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Access to our location is from the street Marynarki Polskiej, not actual Doki street.
Please check and update your car navigation carefully, the access is through this location 54.370014, 18.636315, or search Google Maps for “Aluship” not “Doki 1” .