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Aluship Technology

Your reliable partner of welding constructions
for maritime, offshore and civil industry.

Engineering + Manufacturing
Aluminium + Stainless + Steel
Coordination + Outfitting
Maritime + Offshore + Onshore
Newbuilding + Conversion

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 1090-3
ISO 3834-2
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
DIN 2303

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We’re all about aluminium and stainless+steel constructions

Aluship Technology gains a leading position in Europe being supplier of aluminium sections and sophisticated steel constructions for maritime industry as well as offshore and civil engineering constructions in all stages of outfitting.

Main scope of Aluship’s activities focuses on fields of:


28-50m yachts from 3D model to realisation of your dreams.


Aluminium and steel constructions for commercial vessels and yachts

Repair and conversion

From design through production to worldwide mounting service.

O&G Offshore and wind energy

From FEM to complete outfitting. Offshore structures in aluminium and steel, casings, service vessels.

Naval superstuctures

Aluminium and steel constructions for navy

Civil engineering

Sophisticated aluminium and steel structures.
Aluship Technology Team in front of 80m aluminium ferry hull

Professional service

Aluship Technology is an innovative company powered by skilled and experienced professionals with years of hands-on practice in design and manufacturing of aluminium and steel constructions.


Manufacturing to the highest standards, only.

Aluship Technology has always been highly concerned about product quality.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We have a Producers Approval for EN 1090-3 issued by SLV Hannover and workshop approvals by all major societies. NATO-NCAGE registered supplier since 2006.

We have a 24mtr Explorer Yacht for sale

An ocean going explorer research vessel with facilities never seen before on a 24 meter yacht. She offers her new owner the opportunity to command this vessel with minimum crew. 
More information available at Van Der Vliet ( or by email: