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Code of Conduct

A professional approach to cooperation

Aluship Technology Sp. z o. o. is specialized since over 20 years in engineering, construction and outfitting of special welded maritime and offshore structures like ships, workboats, yachts, offshore structures for renewables and O&G. In accordance with the standards and requirements of our clients, we strive for quality, timeliness, costs, environment and safety. We conduct our business in accordance with applicable law and the applicable principles of honesty, integrity, respect and dignity. Our experienced team of employees, often with unique and very specialized qualifications, as well as our plant, which allows us to maintain a competitive advantage in the areas implemented, are considered key in our activity.

Our Responsibilities

We consider ourselves a socially responsible organization. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy was established in 2013, the goals and assumptions of social responsibility are familiar to us and we always take them into account in our activities.

The code of conduct presented here by us aims to show our partners clients and suppliers, and subcontractors, the most important issues of our operation

Code of Conduct – full content

Download as PDF: Code of Conduct

Aluship Technology always delivers products taking into account its responsibility towards employees, customers, business partners, the environment and community. It complies with applicable laws, laws and industry standards regarding wages, benefits and working hours.

Human rights

Human rights are universal and everyone is entitled to it equally. Aluship Technology supports the observance of the protection of human rights announced at the international level, as well as making sure that it is not complicit in violating human rights.

Aluship Technology Sp. z o.o. supports and respects the protection of human rights in the international arena, audits companies with which it cooperates.


Aluship Technology expresses the right to freedom of association, expression, mutual respect, collective bargaining, and avoids all forms of forced labor, refuses to accept child labor and discrimination.

All employees of Aluship Technology have equal development opportunities. Our employees are treated fairly and we want to inspire them to use their full potential, while making a significant contribution to the company’s development. We consider the most important values, inter alia, respect for others and safety.

We treat our colleagues, clients and other persons with whom we do business with respect, dignity, honesty and courtesy.

Modern Slavery

As a supplier, we do not engage in modern day slavery activities such as the use of force, threats or fraud to force a person to work; destroying or otherwise denying access to an employee’s identity or immigration documents; charging fees for the recruitment of employees and failure to present an employment contract.

Code of Ethics

Our values lead us to act ethically and to respect others, including suppliers, partners, employees, customers and the wider community. To maintain honesty and integrity, Aluship Technology :

  • complies with the law
  • does not operate in any way that may lead to dependence on other parties and thus impede fairness and impartiality
  • does not disclose information that is entrusted to us in confidence
  • does not use confidential information for personal gain
  • does not give or accept any gifts or other benefits that may be perceived to affect our impartiality or business behavior
  • uses only suppliers and subcontractors who share our ethical values

Fair and lawful competition

We are committed to ensuring fair and lawful competition. Competition laws are designed to provide fair rules for all and prevent formal or informal agreements between competitors, suppliers, distributors and customers that could restrict free trade and competition. To support compliance with the law in matters of competition law, the responsibility of the Management Board of Aluship Technology whom ensure that all agreements, procedures and proceedings comply with applicable national and international law.

Counteracting bribery and conflict of interest

We strive to prevent corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery. Corruption and bribery are recognized as some of the barriers to sustainable development and barriers to free trade, Aluship Technology refuses to accept or maintain business through corruption or bribery and the applicable anti-bribery laws and regulations are strictly observed. The highest standards of loyalty and integrity should be expected in all business interactions and any conflicts of interest that may affect loyalty and / or integrity or where interests prove to conflict with the company’s established code of conduct, and this extends to all circumstances. Every business decision is consistently based on the best interests of the company, not self-interest.

Trade sanctions

We comply with applicable sanctions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Employees never try to bypass applicable trade sanctions.


We often work with and have access to confidential information. Examples of confidential information are information about customers, suppliers, employees, prices, costs, products in any form (oral, written, electronic). Each employee of Aluship Technology is obliged to maintain confidentiality. If the information is confidential and therefore subject to a duty of confidentiality, it cannot generally be disclosed. As a consequence, disclosing confidential information outside the organization or using it directly or indirectly for personal purposes is a breach of applicable laws and laws, and may result in individual consequences.

Acceptable accounting

We have committed to ensuring that accounting practices will always be in line with the guidelines of international (IASC) and national accounting standards. We strive to be transparent in what we do and disclose all relevant information.


Aluship Technology will comply with the tax laws and regulations of each country in which it operates. Caution and transparency are the guiding principles when the tax legislation does not provide clear guidance.


Aluship Technology supports a preventive approach to environmental challenges as well as takes initiatives to promote greater environmental protection and encourages the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

To show concern for the next generation, we support all initiatives for cleaner and more environmentally friendly production in order to minimize negative effects on the environment and as a company we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We believe in science and physics. Therefore we support open controversial scientific discussions without ideology and politics.

In the company, we have and apply an environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2015 by reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy, reducing and recycling waste, investing in ecological and energy-saving technology that can lower costs, energy consumption, chemicals, etc. Every year we work to achieve specific environmental goals.

Aluship Technology maintains full traceability of hazardous substances used in the plant by employees.

Health and Safety

As a supplier of products and services, Aluship Technology provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Adequate health, safety rules and procedures established and followed in accordance with the applicable health and safety system according to ISO 45001: 2018. Each year we work towards achieving specific health and safety goals.