Newsletter Spring 2020

As we are all facing a historical challenge by Covid-19. It is today my duty to inform you in detail about our precautions and revised routines to secure operation of our company and smooth execution of our running projects.

We are screening the body temperature of all persons who likes to enter our facility at the control gate. We strictly reject all male persons with more than 37,2 C, females with more than 37,4. We do not accept the slightest sign of an upcoming “flu”. Persons who are allowed to enter, have to disinfected in the next station.

Everyone is obliged to use masks or breath protection and latex gloves where applicable. Disinfection is everywhere available. The whole day one person is disinfecting all kind of handle bars in all areas several times.


Thanks to Internet almost everyone of administration are working in home office or in rotating procedure. This includes our engineering office as well which works full speed ahead.

Our production is working in full scope!

We deferred our 125 skilled persons into deferred shifts of three groups to have less crowded conditions in social- and lunchrooms and enable them to keep distance between each other. This special shift system allows our disinfection team to clean both areas between its occupation by the deferred workforce groups.

Aside of the official statements and leaflets we are providing our staff with much more information about the virus, its potential impacts and daily handling of it.
Since February we piled up our stock for PPE and consumables for a 4 month production time ahead ! We analysed risks and potential shortages of the (Chinese) supply chain changed some revised some items. We keep this huge warehouse level as long as the Corona crisis is ongoing. This stocking policy remembers us to socialist economy.

Therefore we are well prepared to accept new orders!

Aluship delivered Forward Cabin Block for “Allure of the Sea”

We designed structure, built this large block for Cadiz. Being responsible for coordination of all RCCL’s subcontractors during engineering phase and by following of intensive construction time in Gdansk.

Aluship Technology delivered stunning superstructure for Oceanco

Our scope of work included detailed engineering and NC-files for this amazing 100m+ yacht. More specific details for this strictly confidential project will be announced later at convenient time.

Aluship Technology loaded a gangway for offshore project

We are already undertaking the assembling of the second gangway.

Our “Mayflower 2” project is far advanced

Our team is fully committed to this unique project. We will report in soon about the whole execution and delivery.
More information for now you will find here: and here:


Stay Strong!