Video: reportage and interviews

Some reportages and interviews regarding Aluship Technology, our products and activities.

Loading of "Gina Krog"/ July 2015

Block assembly of "Gina Krog"/ March 2015

Launch of "ZeroCat" - 80m aluminium ferry hull / April 2014

24m Vripack Explorer / 2014

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"Biznes z gwarancją", TV Polonia

Recorded: December 2007, language: PL

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"Danzig und seine Werften", Nonfictionplanet - MareTV

Recorded: February 2003, language DE

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"Berger's Business - Poland a country on the move", Deutsche Welle TV

Recorded: 22.09.2005, language EN

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46m SAR vessel for DGzRS

Recorded: 2002, language EN