Superstructures for passenger vessels

Since established, shipbuilding expert Aluship Technology delivered many aluminium and steel-aluminium superstructures for passenger vessels.

For all projects we have also provided mounting of produced structure to hull at client's premises.

Very good example of such project are superstuctures produced for Aida Vita and Aida Cara cruise ships. Total volume of product we supplied for this project was about 220+ tons of aluminium superstructures and constructions, each.


Aluminium superstructures mounting

The scope of activities included

  • complete revision and improvement of existing technical Al-design projects
  • complete classification process including FEM calculations
  • consulting our client for special equipment and devices for aluminium superstructures
  • developing specific trapezoid panel with extrusion tool
  • class - construction - workshop drawings,
  • lofting, nesting, plasma cutting docs
  • plasma cutting and marking
  • complete mounting and welding of all sections
  • complete mounting of ready blocks on steel hull at our clients premises
  • complete drawings and construction of outfitting parts including windscreens, foundations for lifts and other equipment

We are proud to be supplier of aluminium sections for such passanger ships like Aurora, Radiance of the Seas, Aida Vita, Aida Cara

Superstructure examples

Selection of various passenger vessel superstructure photos.


Aluminium passenger vessel superstructures loading


Aluminium passenger vessel superstructures transport


Steel thin plate superstructure block for passenger vessel


Steel thin plate superstructure block for passenger vessel


Steel thin plate superstructure block for passenger vessel