Newsletter Late Summer 2020

Dear Friends and Business Partners,

As we can enjoy the last pleasant days of summer time we commence our exciting maritime business with demanding new projects in our engineering department and production facility.

Take care of your health and stay strong!
Goetz Linzenmeier, CEO

Naming ceremony held for unmanned Trimaran “Mayflower 2”

Aluship Technology built the sophisticated multihull structure for MSubs.

The event organized by Promare, MSubs and IBM in Plymouth, was attended by the Excellencies the Ambassador of United States of America, the Ambassador of The Netherlands, the First Sea Lord Admiral and the Mayor of Plymouth.

IBM developed Artificial Intelligence software for “Mayflower 2” also called as “AL captain” as a safe, flexible and cost-effective way of gathering data about the ocean. The ship will help scientists from ProMare, IBM Research, and other organizations study climate change, micro-plastic pollution, and marine mammal conservation, among other issues.

The AI software will be a game changer for unmanned commercial shipping as well and underlines the historical importance of this event in a double sense: Recall the pilgrimage of original “Mayflower” 400 years ago and the beginning of a new maritime era today.

Funnel blocks for the MV Werften “Global Class” passenger vessel

Aluship Technology started painting and outfitting of all large funnel blocks for the MV Werften “Global Class” passenger vessel. Upper blocks are being moved to our painting and outfitting station.

With our SMTP’s the blocks have been transported in safe manner to the painting and outfitting area. During processing we are building our proven scaffolding hall structures which we can adjust precisely to literally all sizes of and project.


And int he meantime Aluship’s secret time tunnel is getting its shape – see our last Newsletter 😉 We’ll keep you updated!

Luxury expedition yacht OceanXplorer is on his maiden voyage to Galapagos Islands

Aluship built the access door and ROV platform. The journey will be chronicled in a six-part documentary series entitled Mission: OceanX, co-produced by OceanX and the BBC, along with James Cameron for National Geographic.

More offshore handrails are ready for our client.

Behind you can see exhaust pipes before fitting into the MVW funnel structure.