We have the beautiful 24m Vripack Explorer design available for sale!

An ocean going explorer research vessel with facilities never seen before on a 24 meter yacht. She offers her new owner the opportunity to command his vessel with minimum crew.

110-foot Cruiser by René Van Der Velden

Desirable concept promises economic construction and operation.

This snug, boldly handsome all-weather cruiser is ideal for today's economy-minded families. She was conceived to assure fun, pleasure, and low building and running costs. She is based on a less-costly steel hull, with each living space made as versatile as possible, and without cumbersome features and over-sophisticated technology that sawy owners find unnecessary and expensive. All this is done without sacrificing quality or comfort.

112-foot Motor Yacht by René Van Der Velden

New 34m / 112ft motor yacht design available for production at Aluship Technology.

130-foot Motor Yacht by René Van Der Velden

The 130ft explorer is a design made especially for experienced owners, who would like to downsize from theirs existing, much larger vessels to sail with less people and less crew.

Class 43 - a luxurious 43m megayacht

We are happy to present the 43m megayacht design by Frank Neubelt. It's a megayacht designed for comfortable travel worldwide. Provides space for 8 guests and crew of 8.

48m Frank Neubelt 'Rebel' motor yacht

We are pleased to present the 48m (157ft) megayacht "Rebel" by Frank Neubelt.